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Fernando zepeda and david valenzuela graduated together from the technical institute of baja california with honors. They have been partners since graduation.

Before starting their legal practice, both had entrepeneurial experiece. Fernando was a working partner in the family´s pharmaceutical business and continues to manage the firm´s legal affairs. David built a successful surfboard and surfwear business in Ensenada which paid his way through law school.

Attuned to the needs of foreign investors, the firm has been successful in serving a variety of offshore clients: Establish 100% foreign owned corporations, Labor contracts and defense, civil demands, Social Security and taxation settlements, real estate and  criminal defense.

Both young men were competitive athletes

Valenzuela was a professional surfer, ranked 34th in the world and number one
in Baja California for six years running.

Zepeda played on Mexico's National Hockey Team.


Calle Primera y Riveroll No. 799 Segundo Piso Modulo 3, Zona Centro Ensenada,
Baja California, C.P. 22800